Our Activities

ATIM represents the certified translators, terminologists, and interpreters of Manitoba. In addition to responding to the needs of its members, ATIM provides a contact point between the members and the public.

Protecting the Public Interest

ATIM strives to protect the public interest by certifying the skills of its members based on national standards. To that end, ATIM coordinates CTTIC’s standard certification exam in Manitoba and administers the review of certification portfolios.

Responding to Requests for Information

ATIM receives many enquiries from the public and work providers.

ATIM can be reached by e-mail at info@atim.mb.ca.

Looking for a Translator?

If you are looking for a translator in one of the following language combinations, please consult our member directory:

  • Arabic » English
  • Czech » English
  • English » Arabic
  • English » Czech
  • English » French
  • English » German
  • English » Russian
  • English » Spanish
  • French » English
  • German » English
  • Mandarin » English
  • Russian » English
  • Spanish » English
  • Ukrainian » English

For other language combinations, please refer to one of the associations listed on the CTTIC and other Associations page.

Questions about Certification?

If you have questions about certification or want to apply, refer to the sections on portfolio-based certification or the certification exam.

Job Postings and Work Offers

If you wish to advertise a position or a call for bids that might be of interest to ATIM translators, please send your announcement to info@atim.mb.ca. ATIM will e-mail the information to its members.

International Translation Day – St. Jerome Day

ATIM celebrates International Translation Day on September 30 (the feast day of St. Jerome, patron saint of translators) by holding an activity that all translators—certified and non-certified alike—are invited to attend.